Hello, Welcome to the Third Generation University We are for growth and development Your talent We have designed a regular but fluid program and structure with power so that we can increase your personal productivity in the shortest time by doing the right things right. The university is implemented by the best international design and technology teams. Our mission in the three words of professional ethics is to be accountable and profitable for all university stakeholders. The university operates on 4 educational platforms and specializes in the talent, intelligence, and skills of contemporary artists in all human geography. Because we believe that man dreams in his head and it is the dream that makes the man. Our goal is to reach the highest level of ability that we have the talent And we divide it into three stages I develop my talents I nurture the talents of others. My talent team is flourishing What are the management strategies to achieve these goals? 1 Set a goal If you do not know what you want and where you want to go, you will not get anything and you will not get anywhere, in fact, your goal is a dream with a deadline. infiltrate Finding Influence The Intrinsic Nature of All Powers Influencing others in order to involve them in the creation of works of art determines the influence of the beauty of your work. Your team members do not care as long as you care about them. How much do you know? 3 Organizing human resources, both financial and knowledge Organizing is something we have to do before anything else, that is, mobilizing facilities and resources to do a project or create work without mixing things up. Prioritization The efficient artist knows that he should not spend any effort on pursuing something that does not hurt, and the effective artist knows that he can choose and pursue among the things that he can do well and pursue the things that he can do well, and this is a quality of beauty. His work. Solve a problem or problem. Most artists see obstacles but see few goals. History rewards the second group and forgets the first. Risk or risk The risk of an idea in making an effect indicates the probability of success They do not represent the value of the goal Decision making You will always make better decisions if you learn to prioritize what works for your organization or team over what works for you. Creativity Is there always a better way to create a work of art? The challenge is to find it. Once the human mind expands with a new thought, it never returns to its original range. Ability to hire and fire human resources for art industry projects There are only three rules about stable management and supervision. First, select the right people who are not one-sided, do not cut the team short, do not run away from the project area. When you properly remove a person from a position or role, you are actually rescuing him or her from idolatry to give him or her a chance to succeed. Evaluate monitoring control Artists who want to develop their talents, instead of asking what I do wrong, often ask themselves what I do well, and an artist who knows how to create work will always have a job, but someone who knows why. He creates this work, he will always be a leader and influential. Conclusion and analysis If you are strong or skilled in four areas or options from the above, you will be in our level and layer three and you are in the third degree If you are strong or skilled in eight areas or options, you are at level two, and if you are strong or skilled in all of the above, it means that you have a strong support group that allows you to create any effect and progress. And you can go beyond your personal resources and instead of getting a little better, be many times better and more effective and create works that cross the boundaries of creativity and beauty in the history of contemporary art, all thanks to the people you have learned.