Alfredo Scialla

Milan (Italy)

“I have been teaching “Sales techniques” and “Negotiation and conflict management”, preparatory to the closing of commercial agreements, since 1994. The power of “Non-verbal language” and empathy not only in the commercial field, but in the much more important, everyday life.”


Skills and abilities:

  • To follow large customers with long-term negotiations (tenders) and small ones with negotiations closing on first and/or second visit. Coordination of the sales network and work team;
  • Mentoring;

Work experiences

  • Date: 2021, member of ANIMA MUNDI ACADEMIA Council, Director of Management and Marketing Department.
  • Dates: 2014, freelancer with VAT number, multi-firm in the sale of medical instruments.
  • Dates: 2009 / 2014 (end of employment relationship) due to closure and start as a freelancer).
    • Name and address of employer: Espressione Group-Company supplier of diagnostic systems for medical and pharmaceutical sector.
    • Type of company: Company supplying diagnostic systems for the medical sector and pharmaceutical.
    • Type of employment: Commercial Sales.
    •  Main duties e responsibility: Development of new customers – Manager of the Milan area and province.
    • Type of contract: Permanent
  • Dates: 2006 / 2009 • Name and address of employer: Sifra Quality Certification Services Company and Legislative Decree
    • Type of employment: Field Force Trainer and Sales Commercial
    • Main duties and responsibilities:Training and supporting new salespeople -Development of new customers -Responsible for the Milan area and province, Bergamo and province, Mantova and province, Vicenza and province.
  • Dates: 2002 / 2006
    • Name and address of employer TCH Instruments of the C&O group of Parma.
    • Type of company: Surgical and diagnostic instrumentation company
    • Type of employment: Commercial sales.
    • Main duties and responsibility: Customer portfolio expansion – Area manager Milan and province, Bergamo and province, Sondrio and province, Brescia and province, Lecco and province.
  • Dates:1998 / 2002
    • Name and address of employer: Calchi Novati Finance SPA of Milan
    • Type of company: Service Company (626/94, ISO 9000, credit transfer)
    • Type of employment: Sales and sales network manager
    • Main duties e responsibilities: Start-up of the Lombardy area sales network (management of 5 resources).
  • Dates:1995 / 1998
    • Name and address of company: Cworld Srl – Milan.
    • Type of company: Service company aimed at companies and tourist accommodation facilities.
    • Type of employment: Sales Manager
    • Main duties e responsibilities: Commercial start-up, turnover objectives.
  • Dates: 1993 / 1995
    • Name and address of employer: Electrolux SpA of Milan.
    • Type of company: Company producing household appliances (home and office
    • Type of employment: Seller
    • Main duties and responsibilities: Sales and commercial development of the area with door to door method.
  • Dates: 1991 / 1993
    • JNT Marketing of Milan
    • Type of company: Agreements for private individuals and commercial structures in the Horeca channel.
    • Type of employment Seller.

Education and training:

  • Dates: 1989 / 1990
    • Name and type of institution: Commercial Tourist Professional Institute “L.V. Bertarelli.
    • Main subjects / skills professional subjects of the study Economy, Italian, law.
    • Qualification obtained: Tourist Expert Diploma
    • Level in national classification: 46/60


  • Italian
  • English

Skills and technical, organizational, creative competences:

  • Organizational capabilities resulting from coordination between networks sales and development of its own.
  • Trainer, in the classroom and in the field, of courses and techniques sale.
  • Organizational skills for fabric study local business, targets and objectives to be achieved.
  • Ability to use Office suite tools.
  • Writing, arts and music.

Other skills:

  • Not-verbal language.

Further information:

“Negotiation and conflict management” Course on “Sales technique and different “closing” methods agreements on first and/or second visit.

Telephone +39 348 046 2707