Mission and vision

Mission Statement:

ANIMA MUNDI ACADEMIA was born to be the platform of art, new high culture, science and education, that spread the idea of transcendence and essential meaning – learn, discover, connect, create – and make this world ever better.

Vision Statement:

ANIMA MUNDI ACADEMIA (AMA) and IAF ANIMA MUNDI is an alliance designed to unite art and culture with science-based organizations and innovative business professionals. Our programs are becoming increasingly interdisciplinary and involve a diverse sector of activities.

IAF ANIMA MUNDI association was born to be the platform of a new high culture, longing for transcendence and real meaning. Association is an international organization bringing together culture, arts, science and education. Its members are individuals and institutions working in these fields. Our goal is to help the free creation and spread of innovative ideas to bring together artists, innovators, science, cultural and education operators for joint projects that would help to express ideas and reflect the current situation. We join our ideas through art. As art is one of the basic social needs to which everyone has a right. It is a way of thinking. Critical thinking is the right of the artist and becomes evident in artistic practices.

ANIMA MUNDI ACADEMIA (AMA) Founded as an high order institution that creates, preserves and transmits the knowledge, wisdom and values that will serve for humanity, to develop an understanding and appreciation for the complex cultural and physical worlds where we live and realize the highest intellectual and physical potential for human development.

The aim of AMA is not only to provide various training and fields of study, but also to look for innovative, insightful, and revolutionary social entrepreneurs with a creative vision. Those who are capable and willing to offer ideas and projects that meet challenging social needs. We need to create new forms of cooperation and environmental relationships that offer a strong social impact. Our academy‘s mission is to lead in the creation of system-wide changes in order to create unions, and inspire new forms of social innovation. At an increasing rate, we are witnessing the emergence of a profound group of social entrepreneurs in our global landscape. There are systemic and paradigm shifts in the practice of resolving social and political issues. More and more we look to entrepreneurs who are implementing innovative ideas in business while tackling the most pressing societal challenges which benefit the lives of millions of people.