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ANIMA MUNDI ACADEMIA (AMA) and IAF ANIMA MUNDI is an alliance designed to unite art and culture with science-based organizations and innovative professionals. Our programs are becoming increasingly interdisciplinary and involve a diverse sector of activities.

IAF ANIMA MUNDI association was born to be the platform of a new high culture, longing for transcendence and real meaning. Association is an international organization bringing together culture, arts, science and education. Its members are individuals and institutions working in these fields. Our goal is to help the free creation and spread of innovative ideas to bring together artists, innovators, science, cultural and education operators for joint projects that would help to express ideas and reflect the current situation. We join our ideas through the art. As art is one of the basic social needs to which everyone has a right. It is a way of thinking. Critical thinking is the right of the artist and becomes evident in artistic practices.

ANIMA MUNDI ACADEMIA (AMA) Founded as an high order institution providing learning and tutorial environment for students and teachers from different countries, diverse social, economic and ethnic backgrounds. The Academy preserves and transmits the knowledge, wisdom and values that will serve for humanity, to develop an understanding and appreciation for the complex cultural and physical worlds where we live and to realize the highest potential of intellectual, physical and human development.

At present, one of our projects is Social Practice Art. This artistic disipline includes community based art; a collaborative and public driven effort engaged in social issues and practices. Social practice is currently on the rise in many parts of the world. Of note, is rapidly on the increase in The United States as well as across the European Union. Social art projects are becoming more visually apparent at numerous art exhibitions worldwide, and have been touted by an increasing number of art critics and media outlets which highlight these works. The developmental directions of social practice art projects are very diverse. Currently, many projects are moving onto a virtual platform. We at AMA, have been at the forefront of ​​a migrating academy, an idea that has seen its maturation over the past year. The establishment of this virtual platform has secured a wide space for both academic training and the audiovisual creative industry.

Social and business co-creation projects connects social entrepreneur (AMA) and businesses with complementary strengths to collaborate for the biggest social impact. Co-creation becomes a way to address societal issues at scale and create new value.

In this kind of collaboration participate at least two organizations from the social and business sectors that bring complementary and unique expertise on a joint initiative. The most important thing is that creation of value reaches all core partners and society.

Such kind of coolaborative projects make a strong potential for societal impact and replication. It addresses a societal challenge, with the potential to generate impact at scale. The goal is a Change making. It is an initiative led by intrapreneurial individuals who dare to rethink social and business models.

The results which give such kind of co-creation projects first of all expanding social impact by leveraging the strengths of businesses.Other thing is that new sources of revenues to reinvest in their social missions appearing in such kind of collaboration. In such co-creation each side of collaborators is getting totally new skills and knowledge the co-creation is and how does it works. It opens new markets including vulnerable populations, and opens innovation labs for business models. It creats the employee engagement and creats the space for public-private investments to societal changes and the most important thing is that such projects reinforce a “positive economy”.

The business sector and its involvment in projects of this nature

Change Makers

Both conceptual and practical, the unity between the creative and business sectors are essential in this modern era. It is mutually beneficial. We are a global community that continues to trade and exchange ideas and present opportunities in all arenas. The generation of creative and business opportunities rely on the practices of both sectors, and are fundamental to the development of human progress. The involvement of the business sector in joint projects; promoting, supporting and encouraging artistic communities in the development of highly efffective visual platforms is a win-win in the achievement of civilized and benevolent outcomes within the needs of urban communities.

‘Change Makers’ is a term often used these days, yet it describes our actions very accurately. The aim of AMA is not only to provide various trainings and fields of study, but also to look for innovative, insightful, and revolutionary social entrepreneurs with a creative vision. Those who are capable and willing to offer ideas and projects that meet challenging social needs. We need to create new forms of cooperation and environmental relationships that offer a strong social impact. Our academy‘s mission is to lead in the creation of system-wide changes in order to create unions, and inspire new forms of social innovation. At an increasing rate, we are witnessing the emergence of a profound group of social entrepreneurs in our global landscape. There are systemic and paradigm shifts in the practice of resolving social and political issue. More and more we look to entrepreneurs who are implementing innovative ideas in business while tackling the most pressing societal challenges which benefit the lives of millions of people.

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