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ANIMA MUNDI Art Gallery (sale and promotion)

ANIMA MUNDI ACADEMIA (AMA) Gallery is a professional art platform for artists and researchers established on the base of long and hard work of International Association & Foundation ANIMA MUNDI.

During near 10 years experiences in different art and education projects the association is growing and in 2021 we established ANIMA MUNDI ACADEMIA, ANIMA MUNDI gallery and publishing house with big and very strong team of artists, researchers, scientists and educators, which allows us to work in a high level professional way and promote our ideas and art worldwide.

ANIMA MUNDI ACADEMIA (AMA) Gallery invites individual artists and groups to apply once a year to exhibit his/her/their works in our virtual art store. We organize promotion for artists and sell artworks worldwide. Artists from any country can apply to exhibit in our virtual art gallery for one year and to get promotion. Gallery takes not refundable fee of 300Eur for one year. The art critics and researchers work in our gallery. There is possible to get professional review or critiques on your creation or concrete exhibition.

Our gallery welcome an artists to our art magazine ANIMA MUNDI academia ART (the magazine is online and also printed in hard copies).

We organize live exhibitions at different galleries and expo spaces in Lithuania and other countries with our AMA migrating gallery. The works need to be approved by AMA Gallery curators. When the Contract is filled out, the fees are paid and all the works are available at the expo space, the time of the exhibition will be announced.

AMA Gallery is going to have some representation services for international artists. Please e-mail your request till the 1st of September. With your request you will need to send your CV, resume, list of your previous exhibitions, all of works you want to exhibit. Individual and group exhibitions Art works will be exhibited for two or three weeks. AMA Gallery will arrange the invitations and sale.


The contract will be sent for who is interesting to exhibit. Fees are mentioned in Contract. Contact us: or