Ehsan Farajnejad


Human resources manager, artist and researcher


I am an HR manager accomplished Office Manager/Human Resources Manager with experience in corporate training, organizational behavior, and project management- bringing extensive experience in consultative support for training design, development and recruitment area.


Workforce Management, team management, public speaking, human resources administration, Excellent Interpersonal And Coaching, project planning.


Patent certificate, registration of literary and artistic works,holding a register of a business training plan for children (CBA) Registration and record the design of the work with title as design of system management processes based on (Pi) number won a scholarship in MA, philosophy of Art, Michigan university of art, USA.Carieer summary

CEO and founder of Rahe Kherad galaxy knowledge based company project management from design to implementation of artificial intelligence based on Pi number, Ukraine Designer and instructor of specialized course in MBA in Art, Bahar educational institution Human resources manager at happy land company setting up and holding a researcher house of Professor Maryam Mirzakhani member of Iran management association.


BA in Art and handicraft of Mazandaran university certificate of technical and professional skills in the field of industrial drawing from the ministry of industries and mines of Iran MBA, DBA of NEDA Institute of higher education,Ministry of science,research and technology certificate of technical and professional skills in the field of photography and public video from the ministry of labor and social affairs Mathematics and physics diploma wood carving diploma.