Dodd is deeply focused on creating engaging visual artwork inspired by environmental conditions dervided from science. Themed works are integrated with climate awareness and stylized composition formalized in unexpected color theory applications. Dodd’s work examinespatterning, mathematics and climate change culminating in a uniquely true Contemorary Art experience for the Fine Art patron.

Holsapple created the inventive and widely popular living sculptural works entitled the View Planter Series / Living Sculpture. These groundbreaking works of living plants were extensively published and exhibited internationally including a Televised documentary presenting Earth awareness and Environmental concepts. Dodd Holsapple studied Visual Art at Ball State University, Muncie Indiana USA receiving BFA’s in Drawing and Painting.

Holsapple was interviewed for a televised documentary about new contemporary sculpture and progressive Architecture for A&E television. Public art installations include, Earthworks Now at Copper Mountain College in Joshua Tree, California / Drain Strain for the City of Manhattan Beach, California / Thicket sculpture installation and Mud DNA Chaffey College, Rancho Cucamonga / Mud Fish Mandala Fontana California along with a City sponsored solo exhibition in their Artist Showcase program. These projects range from endangered species representations to conservation and habitat protection. Mr.Holsapple served as Artist in residence for the City of Los Angeles and several educational venues teaching Art, Ceramics and Design.

Mr. Holsapple was featured by Everyday Leaders podcast and showcased a live visual art painting event at Budman Studio, in the WNDW, Venice California. Mr. Holsapple released his first NFT series Seeds To Smoke July 2022 available on Opensea. Most recently in 2023, Dodd traveled to Zadar Croatia to create a monumental site specific sculpture installation about glass recycling and Sea Grass protection. The 5th Annual US Congress Climate Assessment Fall 2023 included Dodd’s reflections artwork in reference to the Oceans and Waterways category. Reflections Series artworks were exhibited in Berlin Germany and Mr. Holsapple’s Water Series works were featured in the Environmental exhibition, Indiana University at Pennsylvania USA. Dodd was awarded the NAHR Fellowship Residency in Santa Ynez, California and December 2023 Dodd was awarded the WILD Residency at the Madrona Marsh Museum of fine art in Torrance, California.

ZITA V.: Dear Dodd, could you please, introduce yourself to our magazine readers.

D.H.: I create imagery through absorbing environmental themes, exploring organic composition and capturing unique scientific based arrangements all centered around social interplay reflecting unity, engagement and the collective appreciation for Fine Art. Themed environmental opportunities present the best foundation for my work by providing socially informative platforms matched with developed art techniques to generate impact driven awareness. I create in several mediums with a design focus inspired by building inspiration and personal connections to Geography, Landscapes, Species and Climate-related themes while exploring the beauty of worldly natural features through engaging visual artwork.

ZITA V.: What shaped you as an artist, what experiences, studies or other circumstances?

D.H.: I construct visuals inspired by direct interaction with nature and active study of specific important geographical history, features and inhabitants. The design foundations for my compositions developwith spatial balance and unique attention for creative details to amplify the artistic contemporary landscape. Creating a recognizable style, my work is bursting with rhythmic and thematic technical visuals that document multiple moments into complex visions. The works I create are executed to be visually beautiful with underlying natural elements and engaging surface applications enhanced with unexpected color connections. The results are masterfully created artwork that informs the audience and asks for a deeper responsibility to environmental awareness and appreciation for the unique landscapes found all around the globe.

ZITA V.: Tell us about the topics that excite you the most, which form the basis of your work.

D.H.: My artistic direction is highly focused on the beauty of habitat appreciation along with climate awareness and the unexpected organic encounter with Contemporary Fine Art. Producing in series, my artwork presents themed elements of Ocean and Water Awareness, Animal and Plant species, Unique Habitats and Environmental Recordings combined with Scientific variables. These studies are all related to environmental sustainable conditions and topic awareness. Intoxicating colors, rhythmic linear movements, unique species shapes and an original approach to presenting environmental messages engage viewers with the beauty of art as well as portraying underlying climate concerns facing our future’s resources. Supporting environmental thinking, my artworks identify and deliver scientifically collected environmental data represented through contemporary art with regard to patterns and focused on documented conditions and constructs found in nature.

ZITA V.: What research methods and tools do you use to express your ideas?

D.H.: I have developed a unique ability to incorporate scientific data related to climate change, threatened and endangered species and geographical places under pressure into contemporary works of visual art. Transforming this static data through specific scientific resources and publications, I craft creative compositions filled with discovery, formatted with my recognizable style. I derive beauty from the collected data while developing impact by design originality drawing the viewer into a world of climate awareness and factual environmental data. Working in multimedia I produce in ongoing series, artworks that relate to specific critical themes that greatly affect our social conditions and way of life.

ZITA V.: In your opinion, is contemporary art more of a study or a final image? What is essential in your work?

D.H.: Contemporary artwork to me is an experience not to be confused with Abstract Artwork. Contemporary Art defines numerous categories woven into unique visual formations. Not only is it based on the Social current, it also slightly edges into the future or the next lifestyle generation. I feel it is influenced from the complex nature of the wide-ranging social conditions seen in our world today. The catagory formally represents a multitude of visual interactions all happening at the same time, overlapped or embedded with creative logic and profound messages.

ZITA V.: Tell us more about your last exhibition of 2023, Art X Climate / US Congress & White House. What is this project about? Why did you choose this particular space?

D.H.: The topics that occupy me professionally concern Water Resources, Air and Endangered Species. My Reflections Series artwork was recognized at the 5th National Climate Assessment in the USA Fall 2023 in the Waterways and Ocean Category. The 5th annual US Climate Assessment was held in Washington D.C. late fall 2023. Interestingly, this is the first year that artists have been asked to submit original artwork related to environmental themes and environmental awareness for inclusionin the event. The consideration that supports this idea are the use of original creative visual artworksduring the climate awareness discussion to further emphasize the importance of the message. Art as messenger without words. Approximately 90 artists were featured in the climate debate in respective climate categories. Works were selected by an open RFQ submission process.

ZITA V.: You create your works in series. Tell our readers about the Solaris series. What inspired you to create this theme? What was your idea, how did it transform during the process? How long did it take to make this series? Is this a completed project or is it still ongoing?

D.H.: The Solaris Series is dedicated to our night skies. For centuries, our night skies have mesmerized and provided mysterious stories, legends and unforgettable dreams. As technology continues to progress and commercial science occupies more of our “Dark Sky”, the blackness is less dark and the night sky is less spectacular. My inventive style and color theory process are applied to a deep interest of spacial patterning, mathematical breakup and themed social connectivity. This design process produces works that have a socially-engaged historic impact, mysterious movements and consuming visuals while artistically capturing important concerns about space.

ZITA V.: What was the creative process like for the series Reflections and the Pacific? In which spaces was it exhibited?

D.H.: The Reflections series artworks present Ocean and Water themed design elements combined with scientific variables related to climate conditions effecting the topic. Design focus is on critical scientific conditions represented through charts and graphs relative to water temperature, sea level rise and drought. The intoxicating colors and rhythmic linear movements engage viewers with the beauty of art and the charting of information. Visually the work is formally portraying the underlying health concerns facing our future’s Oceans and Waterways. Reflecting environmental thinking, the Reflections Series identifies and delivers environmental data represented through stylized Contemporary Art. The series works have been exhibited across the USA and in Germany.

ZITA V.: If you could meet a generation of people 100 years from now, what message would you like to convey to them?

D.H.: If I could meet with a generation of people a 100 years from now, I would like to share these
messages. Firstly, I would like to express the importance of defining and protecting areas of great
environmental importance both socially and environmentally. The unique landscapes, critical
habitats and fragile ecosystems that require preservation as well as the creation of strategic green spaces in urban environments are all connected to social prosperity. These concerns should be nurtured at the highest importance and the creation and protection of these places paramount. The health of the natural Eco-system that we share with so many species is equally instrumental to the health of us as humans. Secondly, I would express the social need for the Arts to be permanently woven into our social fabric. Across the creative spectrum, the arts are incredibly instrumental to the health and well-being of our society.

ZITA V.: What else would you like to tell our readers?

D.H.: Support Environmental Protection. Go hiking. Plant a Tree. Visit a Museum. See a Play. Adopt a Pet. Buy Original Artwork.

ZITA V.: Thank you for this conversation and the opportunity to touch a little with your work.

  (Photographer Credit: Michael Saldivar)

Reflections Series 7:30 AM / 82″ x .68″ x 3″ / 2020 / Mixed Medium on Canvas

Reflections Series 12 Noon / 82″ x .68″ x 3″ / 2020 / Mixed Medium on Canvas

Reflections Series 7:30 PM / 82″ x .68″ x 3″ / 2020 / Mixed Medium on Canvas

Reflections Series Blu Currents / 92″ x .72″ x 3″ / 2020 / Mixed Medium on Canvas