Mirta Pola Rossi


My goal is to put across my experience of more than 40 years of teaching linking it with my knowledge in Neuroscience and Education, in a friendly and brain compatible way.

“You only learn what you experience”

Academic training:

  • National Teacher in English (1975). Bernardo Alberto Houssay Teacher Training College. Quilmes, Buenos Aires. Tertiary level.
  • Holistic Integration of Knowledge. Course dictated by Doctor and Professor, Juan Dasiuk. (1989-1990) Passed with distinction.
  • Higher Course in Neuroscience, Neuropsychology and Neuropsychiatry. Favaloro University. 2005. Taken and passed. (2007)
  • Neurospychoeducation Training Course. Education for Human Development Association. (2003-2004)
  • Neuropsychoeducation Training Course. Educate Association. (2005-2006)
  • Diploma in Neuroscience. Didactics of wonder. University of Morón. Argentina (2018)
  • Diploma in Education and Creativity. University of Salamanca. Spain (2019)

Studies done at foreign Universities in English-

  • Synapses, Neurons and Brains. Jerusalem University. Israel, 2013.
  • Resonant Leadership. Case West University. USA, 2014.
  • Learning how to learn tough matters. Mc Master University. San Diego. California. USA, 2015
  • The Addicted Brain. Emory University. USA, 2016.

Professional Experience

  • English teacher – primary and secondary level – in state schools and private institutes. 1973-1992.
  • Founder and owner of PET (Practical English Teaching). Language Institute with about 350 regular students (1975 – present).
  • Director and Teacher of Practical English Teaching (PET), Language School. 1975 – 2010.
  • Director and Tutor of Neuropsychoeducation Training in English of Asociación Educar. 2008/2012.
  • During 2020,three nanocourses on line for teachers with participats from different countries of Latin America and Italy.
  • Essential Socio-emotional resources for Well-being. (delivered with the collaboration of PH Hernan Aldana Marcos).
  • The digital world, Education and Future. ( With the collaboration of professor Marcela Villaverde)
  • Inauguration of a new Education, learning from the pandemic how to learn to live sustainably (with the collaboration of professor Victoria Amerio).
  • In 2021, informal talks on how we learn and forget with secondary students of the Liceo Luigi Stefanini, Mestre, Italy.

Management and Research Activities

  • Coordinator of the Learning Neurobiology workshop. National University of La Plata. (2010)
  • Coordinator of Neuroscience Workshops for teachers, parents and students in different areas of the Province of Buenos Aires. Currently.
  • Member of the Board of Directors of S.E.A. Association of Language Centres of the Argentine Republic.
  • Writer of articles relates to Neuroeducation in the Virtual Magazine of Asociación Educar.
  • Delivery of courses and workshops in various institutions in the country.
  • Speaker of Emotional Education and Socio-emotional Competences for the XXI Century of Editorial SM in Argentina.
  • Weekly radio segment on FM Late 93.1 on Emotional Education. Wednesdays from 9:30 to 10 am.
  • Monthly segment on Emotional Education on Radio Novak, FM 91.1 Program: On the road with you, the first Monday of each month from 6 to 7 pm.

Lectures and workshops in English

  • Teaching English to Young Learners Conference. ABS 2011
  • Education and Neurosciences in the framework of the Buenos Aires Players Congress. 2014.
  • Procapi (Teacher Training Program for English Teachers of the Association of Language Centers) since 2014, I continue
  • Teaching English to Young Learners Conference. ABS 2011
  • Educación y Neurociencias en el marco del Congreso de Buenos Aires Players. 2014.
  • ABS International Speaker on Leadership and Education (2019 /2020 /2021)

Lectures in Spanish

  • Neuroscience Congress of the Educate Association. 2010 – 2016
  • International Congresses of Education in Mexico, Colombia, Uruguay and Chile (2010/2019)
  • ABS Leadership Congresses. 2009-2011.
  • University of the Centre. Tandil, Buenos Aires. 2014.
  • Congress of Neurosciences Universidad del Salvador. 2014-2016.
  • Jurec Education Congress. 2012/2018
  • Presentation on Leadership and employment in the framework of the International Tourism Fair of Latin America 2017
  • Presentation on behalf of PPC Editorial in the framework of ENEC 2018, 2019
  • Presentations in the Province of Corrientes within the framework of the Provincial Program for the Prevention of Addictions for Teachers. Sponsored by the Ministry of Planning of Corrientes.
    City of Paso de los Libres-City of Ituzaingó. 2016.
    City of Goya- City of Esquina. 2017.
  • Presentation at the First Provincial Meeting of Preceptors. Sponsored by the Ministry of Education of Corrientes. 2016.
  • Presentation in the framework of the Month of the Woman. Women and Leadership in the XXI Century. Paso de los Libres, Corrientes. 2017
  • Master Class on Employment in the Post Digital era in the framework of the #Potenciate
  • Employment Expo of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires.
  • Presentations at conferences for teachers and managers in the framework of Education and Neurosciences in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Uruguay and Chile.
  • Talks and workshops on Emotional Education throughout the country. (2010 /present)
  • Workshops on Socio-Emotional Education for parents and teachers.(2010 / present)


  • Translation of Articles and Books of Asociación Educar.
  • Honorary translator of Coursera, tertiary level virtual courses.


  • British Neuroscience Association. UK.
  • Cambridge Neuroscience Association. UK.
  • ASCD, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. USES.
  • The Dana Foundation, Brain and Education Research. USES.
  • Collaboration for the investigation of cerebral parameters in the Faculty of Exact Sciences. University of Buenos Aires (UBA).


  • Sentir y pensar 7 Editorial SM. (2017) Text for the 7th year of primary school of Emotional Education.
  • The Sagittarius Centaur.A perspective of the integration of Artificial Intelligence to human socio-emotional evolution (book in preparation)


  • Professor Susana Benítez. Minister of Education of the Province of Corrientes.
  • Professor Silvia Lanteri. General Director of SM Argentina, editorial services.
  • Mr. Marcelo García. President of SEA Association of Language Centers and Secretary of the Argentine Chamber of Tourism.
  • Professor Lizbeth Sánchez González. Research Professor at the Higher Institute of Education of the State of Mexico.
  • Professor Rafael Andrade Esparza, Research Professor at the Higher Institute of Education of the State of Mexico.