15 January-15 February, 2024

The title reflects the reciprocal visual dialogues of our current ecological and socio-political maladies in the pandemic situation. It expresses the common man’s voice of imagination with unremitting fondness. The content of the body of my artwork explores the ever-evolving human condition, delving into ecological constructs and systems and examining how they impact our human behaviour and way of being.

Infusing conventional and unconventional mediums has the potential to experiment with a diverse range of techniques to produce the cohesiveness of a body of artworks that are experimental as much as they encounter mundane natural objects juxtaposed with the realm of postmodernism. Individual artwork is deeply rooted in the way of thinking, the attempt at imaginative novelties, and the enduring understanding of ecological and social realities to recreate ethics and positively reframe our ideas. How might we forge perspectives and enact practices that build resilience and community across species and spaces, constructing relationships with nonhumans beyond discourses of pollution, degradation, and destruction? Viewers might feel the underlying truth in today’s context, where we can identify and unravel the nuances in a natural context.

The central theme of my artworks explores the conceptual metaphorical relationship between self and society, and the search for human life and existence by exposing the dual forces of the
reciprocal visual dialogues of dehumanizing in the urban context.

The Characteristics of my work have been exposing the parallel encounters from conventional to
unconventional and expanding to the realm of digital technologies, dimensions of estrangements of the pictorial surface into perceptible images.

I tried to exploit the potential of socio-environmental, personal and emotional expressions raised
over self-ideology and consciousness. The current series of my artworks has been evolving through our ecological torture, mechanization and urbanization, deforming our habitual mundane activities. Fragmented micro-narratives of the Anthropocene about the current geological age, viewed as the period during which human activity has been the dominant influence on climate and the environment in the growing urban context is a preoccupation of mine. Capturing the tactile quality of scanner X-ray images as a core element in my body of artworks traces our leftover natural things.

I have attempted to externalize the schizophrenia of contemporary everyday life, facing the
situation of the Anthropocene that the current global ecological pandemic confronts against
violation acts of nature. Capturing my fragmented perceptions about our eternal nowness is
significant to me, as that seems to elicit a statement to my audience.

With the growing urban development, the situation has to be changed, and our inner voice would
regenerate, the-question our ethos to bring a positive eco-friendly environment.