I’m a London-based digital media artist passionate about how to creates poetic or interesting art installations by new technologies. I focus on the issues of the relationship between humans and nature and the impact of technology on the future. I use different technologies, digital media, and materials to make multi-sensory art experiences that inspire the audience to reflect on the themes explored in my work.

As stated in Buddhist doctrine, unguarded sensory contact can give rise to attachment to the impermanent states of things, leading us into “dukkha,” the suffering that arises when desires remain unfulfilled. Xiangyu employs a metaphor in “Turbulence of Desire.”  When the audience touches the calm water surface with their fingertips, a moving image appears on the plate. It serves as a metaphor for the suffering caused by attachment and desire. Then, the water in the dish gradually becomes turbid. To restore calmness to the water in the dish, the audience has to stop touching the water.

This project utilizes VVVV fluid system to simulate the movement of fluids and employs Kinect to track the position of the audience’s fingertips for fluid projection.

interactive installation.